How to Set up Belkin Range Extender

In this section of the blog, we'll provide you with the step-by-step procedure to set up the Belkin range extender in a hassle-free manner. You can set up a Belkin range extender with any brand of router or any wireless internet modem with the help of the same steps.

Note: all the users are suggested to use a laptop or computer to install the Belkin range extender. You can also use a Smartphone, tablet, or any other device that has an updated version of the web browser and wireless capability for Belkin setup.

  • Firstly, plug the extender into a power outlet.

  • Note: make sure that the extender is placed near the wireless router.

  • After this, turn your computer device on and go to its “available networks” section.

  • In the available networks list, you should see the default name of the Belkin extender- “Belkin.setup.”

  • Note: as soon as you plug the extender into the power outlet, it will show the wireless network name on the computer’s available network list.

  • Hence, for the first time Belkin setup, you should connect the extender with the unsecured Belkin.setup network.

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